What is Worktocloud?

Worktocloud is a software as a service that helps you to measure and improve the productivity of your team. Worktocloud provides results with total transparency and objectivity. It’s easy to install in any computer and you can see how it helps you to improve performance of your staff and efficiency of your business.

What types of company can benefit from using Worktocloud?

Any business and any workplace where employees carry out tasks with the computer or outside the office (mobile phone). Our software is designed for all business departments, such as administration, invoicing, translation, design, programming, public relations, marketing, writing, data entry, research, legal services, financial services, sales, freelancers and more ...

How do you benefit from Worktocloud?

Get life and objective productivity reports of your business, automatically. Automated monitoring saves lots of monitoring costs and intermediate staff which only purpose is to monitor and control, get rid of that. Use gamification to motivate your staff. Reward your staff with telework and timetable flexibility, make their lives easier and they will reward you with higher commitment. Reduce your fixed costs, you don’t need so much space and computers, that is a waste of money, through teleworking you can save a lot of money.

When can I use Worktocloud?

Worktocloud can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. Monitoring is a useless cost. Managers and intermediate staff can focus on more useful and valuable tasks for the company while Worktocloud reports all the activity and stores it on our servers so that it can be checked at any time. Time can also be assigned to different tasks/ clients/ projects, so that we can brief all the information in simple and clear graphs.

How does Worktocloud benefits workers?

Helping them to manage their time correctly so that they can improve their productivity and benefit from flexibility and teleworking in order to conceal professional and personal life.

How does Worktocloud benefit remote workers?

Let’s say that you start at the office at 8:00 but you have to take your son at school at 9:00… Of imagine that you have to take your grandfather to the doctor at 12:00 but is office time… All this day to day problems can be easily solved with Worktocloud. Worktocloud will flexibilize your timetable so that time adapts to your needs, and not the other way round. In the end, what really matters is to finish the task correctly in the given time. Worktocloud can not help you to finish your tasks but it will help you to prove your boss the total amount of time worked remotely in that task.

Is it hard to use Worktocloud?

Not at all. It’s easy and intuitive. You have user’s guide in case you don’t get it, you also have videos on youtube to guide you. Elsemore you can also contact us if you need more personalized help.

What is the price of Worktocloud?

You can get a free month trial to try our software. After that, the price will be between 10€ and 5€ monthly per worker’s account. We offer the best price of the market, assured.

Is my information safe?

We use the most advanced techniques and procedures available in order to secure your data. We have been certified by foreign international companies that follow the highest standards like GeoTrust, among others.

How is my information protected?

Worktocloud has security measures specifically designed to protect your information: The platform is accessed via HTTP Secure (HTTPS). We have data validation regulations in place, and mechanisms for detecting intrusions. Each user has their own identity-verified security credentials. Users of the platform only have access to the information and data generated by themselves. The owners and managers of each account can assign roles to users, thus limiting the actions that users can execute and the information and data that they can access. Worktocloud staff do not have access to information about activity or data stored in our clients’ accounts. We only see the quantity of registered persons, and the amount of storage your data occupies in our system.

Can I store Worktocloud on my own servers?

It is possible to install Worktocloud on the server of your choice, at an additional cost. If you need more information, please contact us.