Who are we?

Worktocloud was born as a StartUp in 2014, (in the incubator of Barcelona Activa) with the purpose of creating an innovative tool: Teleworking, a more efficient way of working and being able to demonstrate work performance. At the beginning of Worktocloud there were three people from different sectors who formed an interdisciplinary team: as business administration, programming and web development and multiplatform. Worktocloud evolved in such a way that they were sponsored by Esade Creapolis.

Now the Worktocloud family has been growing with more workers dedicated to meet all the needs of our customers. Our philosophy is to reach a work-life balance, where work is not always done in the office or at fixed times. Our goal is to improve the quality of work and increase productivity. Expand the flexibility of the organization, save on infrastructure costs, simplify the tasks of the Human Resources department and improve the work environment.

We are so committed to our project that our team also uses the software.

This software is an unpublished project that measures in an objective and automated way, any work profile that uses a computer or any mobile electronic device.

Our current team, mathematicians, lawyers, developers, designers, administrators, psychologists and specialists in human resources, have allowed us to complete this project with a wide range of specialized programs.


After four years of research, development and exhaustive work, we have launched a range of multi-platform software, which automate and at the same time help the human resources team.

Our efforts not only focus on the business team, but also to strengthen and motivate the human team of a company, reflecting the reality of workflows and that is usually obfuscated by daily tasks.

All the reports generated by our platform, using Big Data statistical algorithms, allow us to strengthen and improve the entire business structure of a company. And as a consequence, save on costs and avoid superfluous processes.


We are a national benchmark in productivity tools.

International players in the analysis of Big Data analysis metrics and in labor productivity ratios.

We offer inside information from various economic sectors.

Values ​​

Transparency, reliability, objectivity, flexibility, responsibility, commitment and efficiency.


Our family of software and apps offer a solution for telecommuting, commercial fleets, remote offices, callcenters, security companies, merchandise tracking, automated office auditing, fraud detection, etc.

Our company does not stop growing if you think you would fit into our project do not hesitate to send us an email to info@worktocloud.es