Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worktocloud?

Worktocloud is software that is used as a tool to help measure and improve the labor productivity of your workers. It offers results with total transparency and objectively. With a simple installation on the computer, you can see how their performance, effectiveness and efficiency results are improved for their workers.

What type of companies does Worktocloud benefit from?

Any company from any business sector and any work environment whose employees carry out computer tasks.

Our software is designed for all business departments, such as: administration, billing, translation, design, programming, public relations, marketing, writing , data entry, research, legal services, financial services, freelancers and more ...

What benefits do you get with Worktocloud?

Get the productivity of your business in a real, transparent way and objective.
Analyze and improve your way of working through the graphs and statistics shown in our software.
Know the trend of your work activity.
Monitor your team from anywhere and at any time. Gamify your work activity to motivate workers.
Make your workers' hours more flexible. < br> Create trust towards your workers by encouraging Teleworking
Reduce fixed costs with teleworking.

When is Worktocloud used?

Worktocloud is used anytime, anywhere always and when the worker is connected to the software. With our screen monitoring software, the manager can dedicate himself exclusively to his work, generate real value for the company, visit clients outside the office with the peace of mind that Worktocloud helps supervise their workers at all times. And thanks to the automated time recording function, it is easier to review the number of hours spent on tasks.

How does Worktocloud benefit connected workers?

Managing correctly time. Our software has implemented a timetracker that will help you manage, organize, review and improve time correctly, it is shown in intuitive graphs and statistics. Improving productivity, performance, effectiveness and efficiency of the work done.

How does Worktocloud benefit teleworkers?

You go to work at 8:00, but you have to Take your children to school at 9 o'clock? Do you have to take your father to the doctor at 12:00, but at that time are you in the office? All these day-to-day situations will no longer be a problem thanks to Worktocloud.

With Worktocloud you can make your hours more flexible as they best suit your needs, so you and your workers can justify the hours actually performed.

Is it difficult to use Worktocloud?

Not at all! The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It has user manuals, a help center and specialized technical support. In addition, all clients receive initial online training for the work team that will lead the initiatives they carry out with Worktocloud.

What is the cost of the Worktocloud service?

Our goal is to improve and facilitate the work of workers, streamline the task of the HR department and also simplify the supervision of the manager.Worktocloud offers you a user with a month of free trial, so that you can freely test our software and verify that we can help you improve your company's performance and productivity.

Do you offer a free trial?

Free 5-day account for 10 users.

Are you Is my information safe?

We have specific rules and processes to ensure the comprehensive protection of our clients' data. Worktocloud stores user data and information in data centers that have international certifications and recognitions for their high security standards.

How is my information protected?

Worktocloud has Security measures specially designed to protect your information:
  • The platform allows access with secure HTTP (HTTPS).
  • We have data validation standards and intruder detection procedures.
  • Every User has their own security credentials.
  • Users only have access to the information they generate themselves.
  • The owners and managers of each account can assign roles to their users, limiting Thus, the actions and information that each user can access.
  • Worktocloud personnel do not have access to information about the activity or data stored in our clients' accounts. We only see the number of registered people, and the space that their information occupies in our system.